About Us

About Us

Our faculty, which received its first students from the Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department in 2012-2013, also gave its first graduates from the Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department in 2015-2016. Hasan Kalyoncu Faculty of Education Faculty continues its activities with 4 departments and 8 undergraduate programs in accordance with 21st century standards. 53 faculty members work in our faculty and 5 undergraduate, 4 graduate and 3 doctoral programs are carried out. The number of undergraduate students is 967 and the number of postgraduate students is 124. Our faculty continues to work on internationalization. In this context, joint studies are carried out with universities and different educational institutions in many countries, especially in the USA, Poland, Switzerland, and Spain. Moreover, we are the only institute organization authorized to provide the IB-PYP Teacher Training Certificate in Turkey. IB training programs are carried out in different cities, particularly in Istanbul.

To be a preferred, referenced, innovative, pioneering education and science center known for its programs, practices, and values.

To train teachers who; are sensitive to environmental and social problems; respect differences and cherishes them; have a good command of theory and practice; are self-confident, tolerant, researcher, entrepreneur, virtuous and who know at least one foreign language.

Quality Policy

  • The existence of an academic culture that develops educational and administrative processes based on the results of a self-assessment based on research, internal and external stakeholder analysis. In this context, the inputs, processes, outputs, and effects of education are monitored and evaluated in the light of national and international scientific developments.
  • The existence of an institutional culture where the processes and workflows related to the goals and objectives in the strategic plan of the faculty are defined.