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Hasan Kalyoncu Üniversitesi Web Sayfası
Dear students,
Faculty of Education that began educational activities in 2012 gives training in three departments actively. In the Department of Educational Sciences; Psychological Counseling and Guidance, in the Department of Elementary Education; Classroom Teaching Education and Pre-School Teaching Education, and in the department of Foreign Languages English Language Education undergraduate programs are located. Our faculty that gives separate emphasis on postgraduate education opened the masters with thesis in the field of Psychological Counseling and Guidance in 2014-2015 spring semesters for the first time. It is planned to be added new programs in upcoming years. There are in total 27 teaching staff including 15 faculty members who are experts in their fields, 6 lecturer and 6 research assistants working in our faculty. There are also six faculty members appointed from other universities to give lectures.
The vision of our faculty is to become an innovative, proactive and pioneer center of education and science which is preferred, shown as reference and known for its programs, practices and values. Its mission is to directorate teachers who are sensitive to social and environmental problems, see the differences as wealth and show respect to them, are dominant in theory and practice, self-confident, tolerant, researcher, virtuous and know at least one foreign language.
The problem of qualified teacher without any doubt is the problem of prevocational training. In this regard, it is essential that universities should make self-assessment, evaluate the contents, processes and outcomes of their education programs. Taking this into consideration, our faculty monitors and evaluates the education inputs, processes, outcomes and impacts in the light of national international scientific research-based approach.  In that sense, the views received from the internal and external stakeholders of our faculty are used as the main input in the development of the elements of the system. Performances of our students and our graduates in national and international examinations and the results obtained are used as an important source of information in the development the learning outcomes and processes.
The basic principle of the Faculty of Education is to keep the theory and practice in the education programs up to date.  In our programs, there are enough selective courses which present different educational opportunities for students appropriate for their interests and skills. Also, in our university, there are a lot of academic and social opportunities in order to support our students’ personal and career developments. In that sense, students can find opportunities to transfer theory into practice by taking part in the activities of bodies such as Psychological Counseling, Practice and Research Center, Gifted Application and Research Center, Career Center and Assessment and Evaluation Center and join the sports, arts and literature activities which are conducted by the student clubs with the guidance of Academic Staff of the faculty. Besides, the students are encouraged to participate in the international exchange program like Erasmus.
Our faculty shares its educational and scientific knowledge with the society and academic environment by organizing various scientific activities such as symposium, conference and panel every year. In this respect, our academic staff takes parts as trainers, managers, coordinators, consultants and researchers in the projects conducted by many public institutions such as the Ministry of Education and TUBITAK at the very first place, and international institutions like UNICEF. Our academic staff also takes charge in domestic and international scientific activities, organizations, follow the innovations and developments in their fields and use these processes for institutional development.
Wish qualified education for everyone.